Center of robotics

Chair RK 10

Chair RK-10 «Robotic Systems» was established in BMSTU on June, 17 1984 on the basement of >Center of Education and Research «Robotics». In the beginning it was functioning on the «Machinery» department and the staff consisted of the professors from the chair «Automatic systems» (М7). But, soon a new department has been created - «Robotics and System Automatisation», where this new chair becomes one of the main ones. The founder and the first head of the chair was an outstanding scientist in the field of control systems - member of the Academy Popov E. P., the father of Russian robotics. In 1990 the Doctor of technical Sciences, professor Yuschenko Arcadiy Semyonovich became the head of the chair.

Since 1991 the chair prepares engineers, who specialize on robotic systems. Up to the year of 2001 250 engineers have been prepared.

There are two двум specialisations today: «Adaptive robots» and «Distributed robotic systems».

There are scientific and educational laboratories in the Center - laboratory of command systems of robots and robotic complexes, laboratory of microprocessor command systems, sensor systems. The demonstration room and the computer center are equipped with up-to-date machines. Scientific results, that were obtained here in the field of construction adaptive robotic systems, systems of artificial vision and sensor systems, as well as expert systems, were good-treated and turned into practice in the industrial systems and systems of extreme robotics.

Students take part in different scientific programs, initiated by Ministry of Education, and cooperate with scientifical and industrial companies of Moscow - IFTP, MNPO «Spectr», IMech MSU, AMO «ZIL» and etc. They also take part in international scientifical projects, study in European universities. The students and postgraduates represent the chair in the all-Russian conference «Extreme Robotics» in St. Petersburg, in scientifical students' conferences, and take part in the international festival of mobile robots.

With the help of the professors of the chair, under editorships of E. P. Popov, special books were published, including «Scientifical base of robotics», «Automatic manipulators and robotic systems», «Industrial robots and flexible production systems». Various teaching aids were published.
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