Center of robotics

Chair RK 10

The founder and the first head of the сenter «Robotics» was an outstanding scientist in the field of control systems - member of the Academy Popov E. P., the father of Russian robotics. Almost all the professors are his followers, who has been working in BMSTU for along time.

The head of the chair RK 10 is the professor,doctor of technical sciences Yuschenko Arcadiy Semyonovich.

Our professors:
Our employees:
  • Head of the Laboratory , Kurnikov I.I.
  • Principal electronics engineer , Vasil'ev Н.Н.
  • Chief laboratory assistant , Morohovec B.M.
  • Engineer, Kaplinskij E.V.
  • Electronics engineer, Zhigalova V.P.
  • Software engineer, Soldatov A.V.
  • Electronics engineer, Mjagkov A.C.

There are approximately 15 post graduates employed on the chair, including foreigners.
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