Center of robotics

Chair RK 10

The lectures on the chair are given according to the curriculum of the program 210300 «Robots and Robotic Systems» with two specialisations: «intellectual adaptive robotic systems» and «Distributed intellectual robotic systems». Graduates' degree - «ingineer(specialist)».

    Basic courses, given on the chair:
  • Theory of the industrial robotics and design of the robots;
  • Command theory in the technical systems;
  • Microprocessors and command systems of robots;
  • Information processing and sensor systems;
  • Command systems;
  • Management in robotic complexes;
  • electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic drives;
  • Methods of artificial intelligence;
  • Computer-aided methods of research and technical systems simulation.

Following laboratories were organised for the educational process:
  • Adaptive robots for industry and extreme surroundings;
  • Distributed robotic systems;
  • Information systems;
  • Robotic hardware;
  • Microprocessor-based command systems;
  • Simulation and automatic design of robotic systems;
  • Electrical drives and constructional elements of the robots.
It is possible for any student to lead the research by his own in the laboratory with an access to the internet.
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