Center of robotics

Chair RK 10

Almost all the laboratories of the Center are educational and scientifical, i. e. both the study courses and research are held there. Following classes were organized for the educational process:
  • Adaptive robots for industry and extreme surroundings;
  • Distributed robotic systems;
  • Information systems;
  • Robotic hardware;
  • Microprocessor-based command systems;
  • Simulation and automatic design of robotic systems;
  • Electrical drives and constructional elements of the robots.

Apart from the practical courses there is also mathematical basis of robotics. Among the fundamental studies there are:
  • Theory of automatic command systems (linear, nonlinear, cont and discret systems, optimal commanding and statistic mechanics);
  • Mathematical basis and application of the distributed systems theory(discrete mathematics, finite state automates theory, distributed systems models and command structures design);
  • Methods of artificial intelligence in robotics;
  • Ergonomics of robotic systems and smart interface design.
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