Center of robotics

Chair RK 10

There are several branches of research in the Center «Robotics»:

  • Development of adaptive command systems of manipulators and mobile robots
    That includes construction and programming, oriented to automatic processing tasks using systems of artificial vision and sensors of the robots. The realization of the command systems base on the up-to-date electronics.
  • Development of distributed systems for industrial and extreme robotics.
    Distributed robotic systems are the totality of technical sub-systems, like mobile robots and/or manipulators, technological equipment (transporters, presses and etc.), measure systems, different sensor systems and the instruments (special jaws, welding heads), united by one task. Primary field of application - extreme mediums, where the presence of human is impossible or undesirable. Real-time operating systems are used in the projects, as well as modern technologies of application development.
  • Development of sensor systems for robotic systems
    Soft- and firmware of sensors include systems of artificial vision, as well as force and moment sensors, aimed at systematical analysis and recognition of workspace, visual quality control, assembly-line operations, abrasive treatment and etc.
  • Development of integrated security systems for industrial companies
    Integrated security systems consist of Closed Circuit Television, access control, intruder detection and fire alarm and use up-to-date detection methods - digital video-detectors, video-registrators, contact-less input methods, remote intruder and fire detectors.
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